Organization & Sustainability

AraHub is a customer relationship management that helps its users to focus on their organization’s relationships with colleagues, and it creates a vision of sustainability within the company.

Record, Report & Analyze

This is a technology product that teams use to record, report and analyze interactions between the company and users.

Good Relationships, Interactions & Business Goals

AraHub has a goal of forging good relationships and keeping track of goals you strive for, and ensuring that every step of the interaction with employees goes smoothly and efficiently in order to increase the overall profits.

Best and perfect solution for your business

All this data is statistically integrated which is easy for you to use. All your data is safe.

Everything That You Need in One App

Here you can find some of the features which AraHub offers.


Add new projects, view all projects (active, inactive), project information and edit them.


Within each project, add new tasks, edit them, change their status (active, finished) and view all tasks.


When some of features are about to reach their deadline, users will get a notification to finish them.


AraHub has implemented a simple communication system between workers through messages and chat..


Users can find all information and their company's statistical data at one place.


Users can add notes to themselves or to some of colleagues, which can be useful and help to remember individual obligations.

File Manager

AraHub's file manager allows users easy review of project documentation.

Customization App

It is possible to customize all data which will be used, all status information etc.

Organization of Clients

Organization of clients allows users a very simple access to all clients and essential information.


AraHub serves reports feature. There are weekly reports, monthly, reports by workers and reports by team.

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